Who are we?

01. Continuous Innovation

The best athletes keep training to remain on top, even after having won the Olympics or the World Championship!

Just because ecoSwash has developed the best performing car wash automation in decades does not mean we consider the job done: we relentlessly seek to improve all aspects of our products and services to remain number 1.

02. Integrity

We say what we do and we do what we say!

That may sound trivial, but as skeletons and scandals are regularly discovered in leading global corporations’ closets, expect everything we write or say to be strictly true. Our communication is not just about marketing… This is who we are, how we think, what we do and it is very important to us.

03. Responsibility

Our morality heavily aims at ensuring that we are both socially and environmentally responsible.


We minimize our impact on the environment through our products, policies and processes… Just as we seek to maintain a fair balance at all times between the needs and expectations of all our shareholders. Sustainability is our priority.

04. Mutual Reciprocity

We are building an ecosystem to exploit and benefit from the opportunity.


We believe in fair distribution of value between all contributors and permanently seek to develop win-win relationships across the board - be it with our employees, our investors, our suppliers, our clients, our customers or the local communities where we do business.

05. Efficiency

We consider all resources precious and valuable - be they people, time, capital or natural resources…


ecoSwash’s DNA is not just about doing more with less, but rather doing better with less. ecoSwash is different. We carefully design all aspects of our organisation with efficiency in mind at all levels; that is not just financially but environmentally too.

ecoSwash Mentors

OUR Mentors

ecoSwash was founded with a strong backbone of highly experienced professionals. Their proven success lies in renewable energy startups, top tier firm product innovation and leading Fintech strategy.

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Yves Karcher

Nick Staheyeff

Jost Eggenberger

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Founder Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

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Ex-Head of Product Innovation at Logitech

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Ex-CFO of Ebay and PayPal for EMEA

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Ex-CEO of AMAG Retail

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